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Profile Burning: CNC Machine – 2 Cutting Heads up to 300mm thick, 2.5 x 4 metre cutting area. CAD Programming.
Rolling: 2.0 metres long x 22mm thick.
Shearing: 3.0 metres long x 6mm thick.
Press Brake: 3.5 metres long x 10mm thick, 2.5 metres long x 15mm thick, 2.0 metres long x 25mm thick, 1.5 metre long x 30mm thick and 1.4 metre long x 35mm thick.
Radial Drills: 1070mm Radius No. 4MT
525mm Radius No. 4MT
Bandsaw: Rectangle 520mm x 310mm
Round 310mm.
Welding: All welding activities are certified to BS EN 3834-2:2005 and EN 1090-1:2009/01:2011
M.M.A. to 450 Amp + Sub-Arc Welding
M.I.G. to 500 Amp + Sub-Arc Welding
T.I.G to 500 Amp
Weld Procedures to BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004+A2:2012
Weld Qualifications to BS EN ISO 9606-1:2013
Welding Inspector: PCN Level 2 – Welding Inspector (In house)
CSWIP 3.1: PCN Level 2 – Magnetic Particle Testing and Dye Pen
We can also inspect to suit UT requirements and Radiography upon request
Positioners/Rotators: Bode SAR 200
Cranage: Two 10 Tonne Capacity (20 Tonne Combined Lift)
Two 5 Tonne Capacity.
Clearance under hook – 5 metres.
Fabrication Area: 11,000 square feet (1,022 square metres)
Access (Main Door): Door Width 5.20 meters. Door Height 4.8 M.