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Sample Work > 2.1m Dia x 4.3m Long Ball Mill

Fulwood supplied materials, fabricated, machined, carried out non-destructive testing, stress relieved, shot blasted, painted, assembled and fully tested the ball mill, which incorporated the following:-

  • Shell manufactured in two sections complete with end plates.
  • Feed cone, feed chute and support column, discharge spool and trommel with spirals.
  • Main bedplate with jacking bolts and foundation bolts.
  • Four drive bedplates, four drive pedestals and motor plates
  • Four drive shafts
  • Four sets of wheel retainers and wheel hubs.
  • Four sets of belt tensioning equipment.
  • Two Jacking cradles.
  • Two thrust roller assemblies.
  • Ball recovery chute.
  • Coupling guards, pedestal guards and canopy.
  • Grease lubrication system
  • Electric Motors, wiring and control gear
  • Gear units, fluid couplings, pulleys and vee belts.
  • Wheels and tyres.
  • Rubber linings and bolts.